Feb 14 2012

The 70/30 Rule

Have you ever experienced the frustration that incurs when you injure yourself and are unable to work out – especially when you really wish you could work out?

I’m in that exact situation. I recently injured my back, and I am unable to work out until it heals. I’m extremely disappointed, because I was just starting to see results after upping my effort after the new year. I wish I could continue with my momentum to reach my goal weight.

But the good news is that I CAN still lose weight. It has been said that weight loss depends 70% on diet and 30% on working out. I’ve always been a little more flexible with my diet, making up for splurges with extreme workout sessions. But now that I cannot go on a 6 mile run after an indulgent meal, I need to keep my diet in check.

It’s good practice for me to work on my eating habits, because then when I can work out again, I’ll be ahead of the game. One of the tools I’ve come to rely on is MyFitnessPal.com. It’s a great calorie-counting website that helps me keep track of my daily intake.

Some people think that calorie counting is obsessive, but I love doing it. It will give you a good idea of how on-track your eating is. There have been times when I’ve eaten a meal, logged the calories, and was shocked to see how many I had consumed. I would rather know the truth, than not be aware of the extra calories that snuck up in the meal.

You should have always have a pretty good idea of how many calories to consume each day, based on your weight loss/maintenance goals. If you haven’t figured out that number yet, MyFitnessPal.com can help you out with it. Try logging your meals for 2 weeks, and you’ll be able to determine if it’s an exercise that works for you. Good luck!

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