Jan 23 2012

Motivation to Work Out

When the latest craze, Pinterest, hit the web, I spent countless hours surfing the site, drooling over the decadent meals and desserts that users pinned on their walls. Normally a healthy eater, it left me craving ooey-gooey monkey bread and greasy, cheesy lasagna.

I started to avoid the site for this exact reason. I didn’t need to stare at pictures that would tempt me into calorie- and fat-laden food binges. But as the site gained popularity and the variety of pins widened, I realized it could be just the tool I needed to get into shape.

Now when I log in to Pinterest, I go to “Fitness” posted under the “Everything” category. Here I can find healthy recipes, and my favorite – motivating pictures of lean, muscular women. Yes, telling you to stare at nearly-naked women sounds a bit strange, but I promise it will help you get off the couch and off to the gym. There have been many times when I was sitting on the couch watching TV and browsing the web (does anyone still watch TV without a computer or iPad in their lap?!) when I really should have been working out. All it took was a few images of perfect bodies and motivational quotes to make me realize I was not getting any thinner sitting on the couch. I was up getting ready to work out within minutes.

To keep my motivation high even when I don’t have time to browse the Pinterest Fitness section, I made one of my favorite images as the background of my computer.

Try this out for a week, and I guarantee your motivation to work out will skyrocket!

Short URL: http://tinyurl.com/numlptb